The Chairman DPS Ferozepur


 Sh.B.K Chaturvedi
 (Retd. IAS)
 Ex-Cabinet Secretary
 Chairman, DPS, Ferozepur
(Padam Bhushan Awardee)

We Are Proud to be Led By...

There is a great need for school of good quality which provides an all-round development of a child. I am sure that DPS Ferozepur will be able to meet this gap and improve learning levels.

The Indian education system is going through major changes .It has to expand rapidly and yet maintain high standards of learning. This is proving to be a difficult task. The concept of inclusive growth and universalisation of education can have meaning only when such children are a part of learning process. There are large number of children who are not a part of the education system.

Being a district on the international border, Ferozepur has some special challenges. I am sure that the schoolwill be able to meet these challenges successfully.


I wish the school , all the success in its endeavour.