The Principal Speaks

Mrs. Nidhi Jain
M.Sc (Chemistry)

`Education cannot be effective unless it helps the child to open himself to life.'

Striving for success without hard work is just like trying to harvest a field which was never planted. Success is the result of consistent efforts and hard work. Hard work is an ingredient which helps to scale the lofty heights and gain success in life. To attain success, attitude is equally important. Have a positive attitude, inculcate a creative bent of mind and always have a burning desire to excel in life. “You see things and say “Why?”. But I dream things that never were and I say ‘why not?'” George Bernand Shaw has beautifully illustrated that a positive attitude always materializes. All the dreams can make impossible things possible.

Life is not like a sweet dream. Build a dream and the dream will build you. As being without a dream is to be without hope, and being without hope an individual is without a purpose. Dreams demand an unwavering commitment, hard work and willingness to devote everything one has got. “No dream is too big, no wish is unattainable.” Dreams are the creative vision of life in future. Build a mental framework to work hard and materialize your dreams. They are the blueprints and starting points of all your achievements.

And at DPS Ferozepur, it shall be our constant endeavour to nurture our dreams towards reality and encourage a holistic development of the child.

Let’s embark on this wonderful journey towards creating history and with a positive attitude and motivating zeal.