Primary Years (Grade I-V)

  • The primary section works towards developing an integrated personality by channelising the energy of the impressionable young minds to enable them to face the challenges of a highly dynamic society.
  • Subjects offered are: English, Hindi, Maths, Environment Studies, General Science, Social Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Third Language-French, Punjabi/Sanskrit, Music, Dance, Art 1st, STEM (Robotics) and Physical Education.
  • Comprehensive syllabus based on multiple intelligence theory is followed. Here, emphasis is laid on learning while creating a conducive learning environment.
  • The evaluation system is in conformity with the new evaluation scheme suggested by the CBSE.


  • In order to provide stress-free environment to the students, continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done to check the strengths and weaknesses in the form of periodic assessments.
  • Monday test schedule is followed as a part of Weekly Unit Tests. They begin from Grade-I onwards.
  • The students of Grade I and II are offered a variety of activities / clubs. However, the activities become more diverse from Grade III onwards (indoor and outdoor).

Some of the activities are as follows:

Physical activities, Yoga, Literary activities, Aesthetic and Cultural activities, Productive activities, Leisure activities, Civic development activities, Moral development activities, Patriotic activities, Social service activities and Multipurpose activities.