Middle Years (Grade VI-VIII)

Here we believe in values, understanding, excellence in all things and eloquent speech.

We help each student to improve the skills needed for success in a secondary school, and establish values that will allow him/her to act with thoughtfulness and humanity.

Diversified subjects offered are: Science into Biology, Physics and Chemistry; Mathematics into Algebra, Geometry and Arithmetic; Social Studies into Geography, History, Civics, besides English, Hindi, Third Language (Punjabi, French, Sanskrit), Art Education (Music, Dance and Painting), SUPW (Craft, Robotics and Computer Studies etc.), Physical Education and Life Skills.


Smart class modules, group work, group discussions, interactions, experimentation, project work, and dramatisations are some of the tools used to facilitate the teaching-learning process.

The evaluation is again Continuous and Comprehensive as per CBSE norms.

The assessment is strictly done in scholastic and co-scholastic aspects that include life skills, co-curricular activities, and values.

Monday test schedule is followed as a part of Weekly Unit Tests.