"'Education is' what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten." - B.F. Skinner

The school follows the curriculum prescribed by CBSE, New Delhi with English as medium of instruction.

Our emphasis is on providing a healthy teaching-learning atmosphere to teachers and students to ascertain maximum learning. Specialized teaching techniques at DPS motivate the students for self learning and enable the teachers to work for continuous improvement. The curriculum has been evolved to achieve a balance between academics and the development of the body, mind and soul.

DPS Ferozepur is also a pioneer in taking technology to all its students by revolutionizing its Pedagogy from conventional to modern ways. A digital initiative – Educomp Smart Class has successfully converted the classrooms into learning laboratories. Equipped with a large repository of digital content in accordance with the Indian school curriculum, it will reach students of Pre-Nursery to Grade XII, covering all subjects in 2D and 3D modules.

This innovation will enable students to comprehend the abstract and intricate concepts of the subjects as they experience the mountains unfolding the mysteries, feel the threatening volcanoes and enjoy the uniqueness of Planet Earth. All these cumulatively result in improving academic performance of students and enhancing teachers’ effectiveness.

Evaluation at DPS Ferozepur is a continuous and comprehensive process and is aimed at identification of academic problems, followed by remedial classes for the slow learners and enrichment classes for the bright students. DPS follows the Weekly Test system, which is held on Monday from Grade I onwards. The end of each semester is marked by formal exams.

Carefully designed SCM’s and worksheets are distributed on a regular basis to reinforce the concepts and assess their understanding. After evaluation and analysis, these are preserved by students as records for reference. A comprehensive system has been devised to trace the performance of each student over the years of his stay at school, which enables the school and the parents to keep a track of the child’s progress.