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The DPS Society

On a mission for excellence in school education
Marches on to the 72nd milestone……..

The Legacy…
There was a gigantic movement of the population following the partition of the sub-continent in 1947. The shattered masses, displaced people from West Pakistan to northern India were to be provided shelters, clothing and schools for children.

The great challenge was undoubtedly taken up by the Government of India, Visionary NGOs and social activists. In this backdrop was founded The Delhi  Public  School  Society in  1948-49 to meet the ongoing challenge.

The Humble Beginning

From a single school in 1949 (DPS Mathura Road), the DPS Society schools have spread their wings across the length and breadth of the country and also taken roots in a foreign land. Today the legacy of quality learning experiences reaches out to young minds through nearly 225 schools within the wings of the DPS society.

Over 72 Years of excellence & success in school education, DPS Society has become the world’s largest school education society which spreads over 13 countries and educates more than 500000 students across the globe.

We call our students ‘Dipsites’ – a term that stays with them for their whole life and is globally recognized.

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