About DPS Ferozepur

Delhi Public School, Ferozepur commenced its functioning on 15th April 2015 and is the only Delhi Public School under the aegis of DPS Society, New Delhi within a radius of 100 Kms. It is a Co-educational, English medium Sen. Sec. School affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

DPS, Ferozepur is an institute of educational excellence and nurtures broader dimensions of learning pivotal to students’ comprehensive growth such as social and emotional upliftment, creativity and innovation, positive outlook to learning, and citizenship. We educate for life and that is why, apart from teaching, we are an institute that favours personalized attention, with an excellent partnership between the teaching staff, the department heads, and parents to analyze every one of our students throughout their school life in order to understand their needs and stimulate their educational curiosity.

Value the importance of integrated personalized learning and positive discipline which enables our students not only to achieve exceptional academic results but also elevate the skills and mindset to flourish in an advancing world and hence we indulge them in a wide range of programs that actively involve students and boost their growth intellectually, physically, aesthetically and socially.

Identify the potential and trigger the passion respectively in each individual to learn and to become intensely immersed and work towards their goals.  This is accomplished by the provision of student-centered learning experiences that are relevant to the student and under the guidance of a teaching faculty that deeply understands the unique educational needs and capabilities of each child.

Understand that Technology is constantly advancing and in order to benefit our students,  we effectively integrate technology as a natural extension to enhance learning opportunities for our students. They are exposed to and engaged in various technology platforms on regular basis in order to expand their learning horizon and provide them with new opportunities of self-expression and discovery.

The overwhelming response to DPS Ferozepur is a hearty testimony of the trust reposed in us by our students, parents, and other stakeholders.