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Registration Open for Pre-Nursery to Grade XI

  Here, we aim at
  1. Making an effective use of the availability of time in an Academic year.
  2. Dividing the course evenly through the session.
  3. Striking a balance between scholastic & co-scholastic areas.
  4. The school follows a comprehensive syllabus based on the multiple intelligence theory emphasizing entirely on learning while creating a conducive learning environment.
  5. The curriculum is spread over two terms wherein a blend of well designed workbooks and assignment booklets contribute to the practice of learning.
  6. The school provides teaching solutions with world class resources to aid teachers with a vast repository of animations, clippings, etc. through display devices such as plasma and network computers.
  7. Teachers are trained to present their lessons in a variety of ways using music, co-operative learning, art activities, role-play, field trips and story telling, multimedia, inner reflection and analytical skills.
  8. The subjects formally introduced at this level are English, Hindi, Math, EVS, Computer Science, Art & Craft and Physical Education. Third language (Sanskrit or Punjabi) is introduced in Grade IX.
  1. Conscious effort is made to integrate subjects, thus helping children to move from the known and explore the unknown.
  2. The evaluation system is in conformity with the new evaluation scheme suggested by the CBSE in order to provide stress-free environment to the student.
  3. Continuous and comprehensive monitoring is done to check the strengths and weaknesses in the form of Formative Assessments.
  4. The lessons are theme based and developmentally appropriate to suit regional, national and global needs.
  5. We follow the monthly lesson plan which is further split into cycles (ten days).
  6. Tuesday test schedule is followed as a part of weekly Unit Tests. They begin from class IX onwards.
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