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Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture's integrated curriculum is a thematic learning programme which expands the horizon of learning, broadens the thinking, inculcates values, develops the personal and social skills without restricting the child to writing and reading.


Building as Learning Aid is an innovation concept of education through child friendly and fun based physical environment in the school infrastructure.

Art 1st

Art Education Programme is a pedagogical tool essential to facilitate creativity, adaptability, social and personal transformation for progressive thinkers.


Story telling is a powerful medium to connect to the audience and transfer the message or knowledge through powerful, effective and entertaining way.

Jodo Gayan

A process of connecting knowledge through an innovative teaching approach to Maths in foundational classes.

Open Door

Assessments is the simplest and the most powerful method to make sure that students master a difficult concept taught to them before you teach the next difficult topic.


National Financial Literacy Aptitude Test initiated by NCFE, focuses knowledge and attitude required to make responsible money management decisions.

School Cinema

An instructional medium which unifies learning and entertainment in our Life Skills classes.

Book Read Programme

A programme organised once a week with a key objective to develop the love for reading amongst children.

Class Theme Assembly

An integral part of the academic session ensuring 100% participation to enhance confidence and presentation skills.

Thursday Activity

An amalgamation of scholastic and co-scholastic activities organised every week for the multidimensional growth of our students.

Saturday Clubs & Sports

A day dedicated to motivate the children to explore their skills by opting from the wide list of clubs & sports available to bridge the mind & personality.