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Date Sheet (Grade PG to IV):- Circular_027

Circular No. 11


Resuming the formal School (Circular_010)

Time Table (Grade-XI & XII)(Circular 009)

Time Table (Grade-X)(Circular 009)

Grade X to XII (Circular 008)

Online Assessment Unit 1 (Ist to IV Circular_005)

Online Assessment Unit 1 (PG to Prep , Circular_004)

Virtual Classes - A Two Way Street (Circular-002, Punjabi))

Virtual Classes - A Two Way Street (Circular-002, (English))


Circular 49

Book List (Grade PG to III) session 2021-22

Book List Grade (IV to XII) session 2021-22

Students School Uniform Session 2021-22

Exam Circular with Date sheet (Circular_047)

Date Sheet (Grade Nursery to III):- Circular_045

Circular 040

District Roller Skating Championship (Circular_39 with Form)

Regarding Open House IV to VIII(Circular-38)

Regarding Open House IX to XII(Circular-37)

Regarding Open House PG, Nursery, Prep (Circular-36)

PT-2, Date Sheet Session 2020-21 (Circular 035)

Regarding Fee Circular 034

Regarding Open House Grade- I (A,B,C) & II (A,,B,C) (Circular-33)

Regarding Open House Grade- III (Circular-32)

Regarding Open House Grade- IV (Circular-30)

Regarding Open House Grade- V (Circular-29)

Regarding Open House Grade- VI (Circular-27)

Resuming the formal Schooling for your ward circular 28

Regarding Open House Grade- VII (Circular-26)

Regarding Open House Grade- VIII (Circular-25)

Public Notice affiliation Status 2020

Press Release Alerting Parents 02_03_2020

Regarding Open House (Circular-24)

Registration fee for CBSE Board Exam, Grade X (Circular 023)

Registration fee for CBSE Board Exam, Grade XII (Circular 022)

Half Yearly Date Sheet Session 2020-21(Circular 021)

Regarding SOF Exams for 2020-21 (Circular 020)

Registration Consent Form Grade X with CBSE Guidelines.(Circular 019)

Green Olympiad Details Circular 018

The students Solar Ambassador Workshop Grade VIII to X Circular 017

Fee Circular 016

Scholastic Book Fairs Circular 015

Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan is a National Level Circular 014

E- Raksha 2020 Competition (Grade VI to X)Circular 013

Exam Schedule 2020-21 (Circular -012)

Gandagi Mukt Bharat (GMB) Campaign (Circular No. Acad-56/2020)

Quiz on Nelson Mandela:-

World Population Day (Quiz) :-  ( )

Learning Audit Checklist :- ( )

GK Quiz Senior :- ( )

GK Quiz Junior :- ( )

Student Survey Form :- ( )

School Survey Form for Parents :- ( )

Observation Report Viva Test :- ( )

Fee Circular 011

Regarding Fee (Circular_010)

PT-1 Date Sheet Session 2020-21 (Circular 009)

Virtual Book Read Programeme Grade PG to II (Circular 008)

Virtual Book Read Programeme Grade III to VIII (Circular 007)

Viva Time Table Session 2020-21 (Circular 006)

Thank you for your Valuable Feedback

Report School Survey (Online Assessment)

The Scheme of Periodic Informal Assessment (Circular_005)

Observing International Day of Yoga (IDY) on 21.06.2020

PMs video message on International Day of Yoga 2020

Regarding Annual Examination Result(2019-20) (Circular_004)

Regarding Summer Break (Circular 003)

Guidelines for World Environment Day Quiz

Circular For Parents(Circular 002)

CBSE Press Release

Lockdown-An opportunity for Education

Circular For Parents Regarding Fee(Circular 001)

Home School Connect

Tips fro talking with kids about Covid-19

About Coronavirus

Here are 5 ways kids cand help:

Book List (Grade IV to XII)

Book List (PG to III)

Regarding Pre-Annual Exams for class IX & XI (Circular 080)