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Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR) - 25:1
(Maximum Student Strength in Each Grade)
School Student-Teacher Ratio (STR) - 9:1 approximately.

The quality of intellectual resources at DPS Ferozepur especially with regard to teaching faculty is at par with any good institution around. All our teachers are selected personally from all over the country by a senior board of veteran educationists of national repute. They are board of veteran educationists of national repute. They are specially trained to provide innovative educational inputs and are trained to evolve and adopt new pedagogies of learning methods. Special stress is given to raise their level of communication and teaching skills along with a value based personality. At DPS, Fzr. the teachers are a dedicated and devoted lot who believe in "Service before self". They are the most important catalysts in the development of a child's personality and character. The newly appointed teachers are involved in an induction programme whereby they are trained in an effective manner. There are special teachers for extra curricular activities like Dance, Music, Sports and Theatre. Professional Coaches are hired to train the students and nuture promising talent.

Teacher's Orientation Programme:- A number of in-house workshops are conducted to familiarise the new staff with the DPS norms. They also travel to corners of the country for subject oriented workshops.

Education Managing Council (EMC):- The DPS Society also conducts various workshops at their HRD centre, New Delhi.