Child Safety

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Key Features

  • Strategically located over 110 CCTV surveillance cameras.
  • Over 40 maids are deputed on duty outside each class room, toilet and corridor.
  • Smart card attendance system.
  • Safe and secure school transportation system where each and every bus movement is being monitored from the school control room.
  • Authority card system for parent/guardians to ensure safe child hand over.

Active Child Protection Policy

As part of schools' overall vision, DPS has developed a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and corporal punishment. The school also seeks the co-operation of the parents in maintaining a high standard of discipline and decorum in the school. The Child Protection Committee comprising of six members including the head of the school, representatives of the faculty and a senior member from the support staff has been appointed to immediately and effectively tackle the negative influences.
School Counselor: School has appointed a qualified and experienced counselor, who helps the students to overcome their learning, personal and emotional difficulties and investigates various parameters before drawing conclusions.