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Registration Open for Pre-Nursery to Grade XI

We want our students to begin as critical thinkers, individuals willing and eager to question what is happening around them, individuals who want to know why, individuals who choose to learn because it is fun and not because they have to.

  • The focus is kept on cognitive development,enhancement of the language and inter-personal skills.
  • The main objective behind designing the curriculum for the pre-primary is to enable the children to communicate effectively and further develop their integrated skills.
  • The curriculum is open ended and the focus is on experiential learning. Formal learning for 4 hours is introduced in Pre-Nursery and Nursery.
The essential components being the 'Play' which is most interesting for any beginner, utmost care has been taken in choosing the learning equipments. Safety being first, it serves the following requirements.

  • Learning through 'Play"
  • Hygienically Designed Learning Equipments
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Child Centered Curriculum.
Learning center approach can show remarkable outcome wherein the young minds are exposed to various facets of life. They grasp, they learn, they grow and become confident under the continuous guidance of their teachers.

Based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory, the curriculum has been adopted with great care and addresses the individual strength of each child. Designed thematically, these themes are appropriate and are suited to regional, national and global needs.
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